About Us

Our motto “Live with Old and Gold” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of Cheap. Our activities span garment products selling, electronics, home appliance and IT accessories. In each of these areas, we are committed to sell cheaply and flexible way to help community and social responsibility.

Our business activities are ➺

  • Selling garments products & accessories
  • Old fashionable products selling & buying
  • Provide IT support, Laptop repairing& servicing
  • Domain registration & hosting services
  • Website Design & Development


Let’s get in the products with spirit of capability and ambitions.


Make or break your wardrobe when you add dimension to your look by accenting it with fashionable accessories from khantrading.net! If there’s anything that can take your wardrobe from simplistic to amazing in a matter of seconds, it’s a timeless timepiece such as a laptop from readymade garments. There are endless options to choose from that will suit everyone’s needs, from the fashionist to the outdoor-lover.